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Jobscript offer online ready made job website and ready job site script at an competative price. It will be user friendly environment for easy navigation that provide job finders with all the necessary tools to get the available jobs of the required company. Job seekers can create resume with php form field, job seekers login, edit & delete field. Company recruitment Employers can post there vacancy jobs online by filling out the website form, comes with separate admin panel for modification, They can even create new job opening, view / accept / reject application of the job finder, For all these functions, Necessary tool will be available. Check our jobscript demo site for more understanding.

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Admin Back End:Click Here
User Name: administrator
Password: &D&S@@1$@%

Employer Login:Click Here
User Name: scubez
Password: ofc^%$321

JobSeeker Login:Click Here
User Name: kumar
Password: emp098&^%

In case, If you need any custom design of job website or job script, We will be pleasure in assisting you.